Ryan Lange | Generation Z on the Trails

Where Ryan Lange lacks in raw leg speed or a monster VO2 max, he makes up for in enthusiasm for the trails. Ryan’s 21, lives in Jersey, and besides running 200s, also likes to DJ at EDM events and hunt white tail deer. In a sport made of people with myriad other passions, Ryan fits right in.

In this episode, Sarah and I chat with him about how he got into running in the first place, what he’s learned during his short career, how Generation Z’ers view the outdoors, and more. We also talk about being crewed by a parent and how hunting and DJing have both worked out to be pretty damn good cross training activities. Who knew?

Ryan Lange at the start of Ultra Trail Guadalupe

Ryan Lange Episode Notes

Here’s Ryan’s company launch page.

We talked about Kogala lights. They’re incredible.

This is the best site I could find for info on the Ultra Trail Guadalupe.

Follow Ryan on Instagram right here.

This RODE RODEcaster Pro is the new podcast mixing board I bought, thanks to the Patreon crew! It is without a doubt the best piece of tech I’ve ever bought. This was our first episode using it and I’ve got some fine-tuning to do, but what’d you think? More fart button?

Intro music | David Rosales Outro music | AJ LeGrand

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