Ale Industries’ Rye’d Piper American Amber

Ale Industries Brewery (Concord, CA) puts out some fantastic barrel aged brews (Grand Cru…hello!), so I thought I’d try out their Rye-based amber for something different. The 22oz cost me $7 at my local beer purveyor.

in postAppearance

Dirty, dirty brown in color with a very handsome 1/2″ of tan head dolloped on top. The head dissipated, but a gorgeous lacing was left on the glass.


Definite caramel and pine and I got some sweet potato in there somewhere.


The rye aspect wasn’t too strong, but it was definitely there. Smells like an IPA and could probably be mistaken for one. ¬†Bitter, but not hoppy. Interesting. More pine. Pretty boozy for a 5.8%ABV beer.

I enjoyed this moderately but didn’t finish the bottle. A bit too bitter for my liking. Would I drink it again? Yeah, I’d split a bottle but would be reluctant to pay again.

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