Sage Canaday 2015 Interview

Sage Canaday has had quite a run at this ultra-thing, but he hasn’t yet tackled the hundred mile distance.  Being Sage, he’ll make his debut on a big stage–UTMB–in just a few weeks, and Sarah and got to chat with him about training for the big race.


We also chat about:

  • His new book
  • Coaching
  • His #anysurfaceanydistance hashtag and how it can help you
  • His vegetarian diet
  • His aid station routine
  • Forming a rock band with other MUT runners (yes!)
  • The fine line sponsored athletes ride between just enough and far too much marketing.
  • In the banter section, Sarah fills me in about her wild month in Colorado, pacing at Hardrock, and more.

Episode Notes:

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Here’s a link to Sage’s book

Outro music: Cough it Out by The Front Bottoms

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