Salomon S-Lab Modular Apparel Review

Overview of the Salomon S-Lab Support Half-Tight & Modular Belt:

The Salomon S-Lab Support Half-Tight & Modular Belt is a versatile, supportive system that pairs well with your favorite running bottoms. While expensive, it greatly increases your carrying capacity in a streamlined way. If you are looking for a potentially better way to carry all of your small items on long runs or in between aid stations on race day this modular system might be for you.

Top: Salomon S-Lab Modular Belt; Bottom: Salomon S-Lab Support Half-Tights

What’s good?

  • Streamlined fit. The design and manufacturing of Salomon S-Lab apparel is almost always top notch and this half-tight and belt are no exceptions. The material Is extremely light, smooth, fast-drying, and supportive in all the right ways.

Three minimal snap buttons on the front and back of both the belt and the half-tight work together to secure the belt in place

  • Neatly increased storage capacity with no noticeable bouncing. Due to the secure fit and streamlined design you greatly increase your small item storage capacity without adding much bulk. The vast use of nylon and elastane stretches to securely swallow up gels and other small items.

Two pockets, one on each side, easily accommodate two gels each securely.

Four extremely stretchy pockets surround the entirety of the S-Lab Modular Belt allowing for greatly increased small item storage.

  • Brings back life to old shorts (or other running bottoms). While Salomon does sell outer layer running short options for this modular system it works equally well, and maybe even better, with your favorite running shorts or bottoms. And since you already have the underwear layer on with this half-tight you can cut out the built-in underwear of old running shorts to keep your outer shorts as light as possible.

Paired with my favorite running shorts, the Patagonia Strider Pros, this system allows for a lot of carrying capacity in one of the most minimal ways available today.

  • Quick-drying, chafage protection. The Support Half-Tights are made of a fast-drying nylon and elastane blend that helps prevent inner thigh chafage. If you are someone who has not yet found a good option for minimizing chafage on hot days I would give these half-tights a serious look.

What could be improved?

  • The prices. There is no getting around it – Salomon S-Lab apparel is expensive. At a MSRP of $50 for the belt and $100 or $90 for the half-tight this system is NOT inexpensive. There is no doubting the material choice and the craftsmanship but I wish the price points were a little more palatable.
  • Ability to use the belt without a corresponding S-Lab base layer. Due to the snap buttons, you pretty much need to use the system in tandem otherwise you would have the snaps pressing against raw skin as the belt slides up. (Note: technically I suppose you could use the belt over the top of running shorts, for example, but as a stand-alone belt there are better options available today I believe.)

Stand-alone picture of the inside of the Salomon S-Lab Modular Belt

  • Slightly deeper pockets on the belt. The S-Lab Modular Belt is great at what it does – swallowing up small items. Perhaps I am spoiled by the Naked Running Band (review here), however, I would love it if the belt was slightly taller to allow for better soft flask carrying options. As it stands you really can’t carry more than about an 8oz soft flask in one or two pockets at best.

Should you purchase?

So, the $50 (Salomon S-Lab Modular Belt) + $100 men’s / $90 women’s (Salomon S-Lab Support Half-Tight) question – should you purchase this system?

In a word, maybe. If you can stomach the price and are looking for a potentially better way to carry your small items while on the run this belt + half-tight combo deserves a serious look as the design and quality are both top notch.

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