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If you’ve heard the show over the past few months, you’ve likely heard Sarah mention her preparation and training for the Mauna to Mauna stage race in Hawaii. Six days of running over beautiful trails, volcanoes, lava fields, and beaches, the event would cover 155 miles with variable weather and terrain. 

mauna to mauna
Sarah (3rd from left) along with tent mates. RD’s kneeling in front.

Stage races are a different type of ultramarathon. While most days don’t cover >26.2 miles, the day after day after day of running taxes the body in a different way, and once the aspect of carrying all of your own gear is added to the equation, we’ve got a different event entirely with a whole different set of requirements.

Sarah lavender smith
Tent mates at Mauna to Mauna.

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss:

  • The training involved for a multi-day race and whether she thinks she was adequately prepared.
  • The gear and nutrition prep she went through for a seven day race. What is she glad she brought, and what does she regret not packing?
  • How she handled the news when the RDs ran into some serious course logistic changes that took the runners from the trails onto highways and construction sites.
  • Altitude running in Hawaii?
  • The camaraderie and vibe of an international stage race.
  • The mental aspect of running day after day in a “bubble” of bliss, but also the emotional toll it takes on the body.
  • What it’s like to race someone to the finish after already running for 150+ miles.

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mauna to mauna.
Sarah Lavender Smith drinking more water…in the pouring rain.

Sarah Lavender Smith Mauna to Mauna Episode Notes

Here’s the site for the race.

Here’s the pack Sarah wore.

Check out this page on Sarah’s blog to learn more about her book’s coaching advice and her upcoming events.

Here’s our interview with Sarah from her 2012 finish at Grand to Grand.  Five years ago??? What??!?!

All photos courtesy of Mauna to Mauna via official FaceBook page.


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