Sarah’s Western States Report

Sarah Lavender Smith’s Report from Western States

Since her name was drawn in December, URP co-host Sarah Lavender Smith has been planning and training to run her first Western States Endurance Run.  In many episode over the past six months, she’s shared tips on her fitness, diet, and ultimately, anxiety about the big race.

sarah lavender smith western states
Sarah on the trail

In this interview, Sarah’s on the other side of the mic and I get to ask her about how the race was executed. Did her planning and training work out? What went right out on the trail? What went wrong? Sarah set a goal of sub-24.  How did chasing those splits work out?

sarah lavender smith western states
Sarah and her two kids, followed by pacer Clare Abrams (and my photobomb in the background) on the final stretch at Placer High track.

We talk about her crew chief Errol “Rocket” Jones, her pacer Clare, the impact of having her family present for a big race, and the feeling of crossing the finish line in one piece with her goal achieved.

Sarah and Errol "Rocket" Jones 10 minutes after her finish.
Sarah and Errol “Rocket” Jones 10 minutes after her finish.

It’s been fun having Sarah co-host so many shows over the past two years, now with this adventure under her belt (buckle), she’ll have even more insight into the training and mindset of successful ultrarunners.

Sarah Lavender Smith’s Western States Episode Notes

Here’s Sarah’s blog, but I’m guessing she’s too busy running the beautiful trails in Telluride to update it this week.

Note from interview: Sarah mentioned that while chasing Billy Yang up the canyons, she believed he was with Aliza LaPierre.  Sarah emailed me after the chat and let me know it was actually Anna Mae Flynn.  She had mis-remembered some details.

Here’s Matt Flaherty’s music site.




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