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Scotty Mills Episode Notes

Scotty Mills has been running Ultramarathon and trail events since 1981 and has racked up a few hundred finishes and made what seems like just as many friends. He’s run UTMB, JFK, Lake Sonoma, Massanutten, Hat Run 50k and Wasatch. He’s run Western States 18 times, Hardrock 100 eight times, and he just this past weekend ran a 50k in Tijuana, Mexico.

In terms of ultra knowledge, wisdom, and humbleness, Scotty holds a special place in this silly sport of ours. After 400 episodes, it was high time we had him on the show.

Scotty Mills
Scotty Mills (r) at the 2016 Cuyamaca 100 with WS Board Prez and friend John Trent.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • His DNF at Western and how he’s managing the “lean.”
  • His finish at 2017 Western and why it bothers him.
  • Lessons he’s learned during races and from friends.
  • Advice he’s got for people getting into the sport that applies to all runners. 
  • His feelings on “haven’t you run Hardrock/WS100 enough and shouldn’t you let someone else have a go?” question.
  • The role of the race director.
  • Ways to stay engaged both physically and mentally over decades of running.
scotty mills
Scotty Mills enters the track at WS 2017.

Scotty Mills Episode Notes

Here’s the interview with Angela Shartel.

Here’s the site for the San Diego 100.

Did you read Sarah’s piece about Scotty in the new Trail Runner Magazine DIRT edition? If you’re not subscribed, head on over here.

Here’s our interview w David Horton.

Cover photo by Howie Stern Photography.

Here’s more on the Ultramaraton Trail 50k in Tijuana.

Here’s the link to Broken Arrow Skyrace.

Here’s the Cuyamuca 100k.

scotty mills
Scotty and wife Jean at WS100 medical tent, post race.


David Rosales Music | New Intro Track is “Good to be Alive.”

Find out more about David’s music and schedule at the links below.







scotty mills

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