Scotty Sandow – Back to Ultras After a 3 Year Absence

Scotty Sandow

How would you feel if you’d taken three years away from the sport completely?  Let’s follow Scotty as he makes his way back into ultras and closer to a hundred miler.

Many of you will remember Scotty’s voice from URP—he’s one of the original hosts of the show and we spent years together running, recording podcasts, and planning epic adventures.

scotty sandow

Three years ago, life got in the way and Scotty stepped away from the podcast and the sport all together.  Barely any running, no real racing, low motivation, and a running mojo that’d been returning “out of office” messages for quite some time.

Welllllll, Scotty’s back.  Not wanting to grow old having not completed a hundred miler, he’s targeted a race this fall, he’s got a coach (David Roche), some new gear, and has his mind set on training and finishing the race.  As his coach told him “If a baby can be made in nine months, we can get you to that finish line!”

scotty sandow
Scotty and Frank Bozanich charging up the Escarpment in 2012.

Scotty’s in a unique position, knowing the time commitment and potential hurdles he’s going to face over the next nine months.  Is he ready for them? Is his family on board?  How will he keep his motivation and focus when life gets in the way again?

scotty sandow
Tailgating with my mom and me before Western States 2011.

This is the first in a series you’ll be hearing about more.  We’ll be checking with Scotty over the next few months to hear about his progress, and he’ll be writing a weekly column for URP with honest detail how it’s all going.  Is he sticking to his plan? How’s his body? How’s his mind?

Important early URP meeting at a brewery.

If you’re a lapsed ultrarunner and looking for some motivation or even a virtual training partner, this might be the perfect episode for you to start your comeback!

Scotty Sandow Episode Notes:

Here’s Scotty’s podcast about Placer County

Here’s a throwback article about us in DRAFT Magazine from four years ago.

Here’s the interview we talked about where our guest George Zack explained the finer details of pack burro trail racing.

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