Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad

ovilaThis is a quad brewed by Sierra Nevada in conjunction with a monestary in Northern California that was looking to earn some dough to rebuild a castle.  The brewery worked with the Vatican to get label approval, the monks kicked in the recipe and the plums (that contain 29% sugar, compared to a normal 8%), and the rest is history.

Since they started this venture two years ago, they’ve released a Tripel, a Saison, and now this Abbey Quad with Plums.

Appearance: Dark brown/purple with some yeasty floaters on top. Nice lacing up the side of the glass. Took me some time to drink it as I was staring at the glass for so long (and didn’t get any pics of the sugars. Sorry.)

Aroma: Definite plum, dark fruits, coffee and maybe a hint of anise. This sucker has a big nose Unknownand prepares you well for what’s inside.

Taste: Again, dark fruit and plum, with the addition of caramel and chocolate. I wouldn’t have immediately identified is an Abbey, but that’s what you get with the tagline “Monastic Inspiration, American Innovation.” Some hints of sourness are there, but not strong. Vanilla is present, but not overpowering. This is a well rounded and complex beer that’s perfect for sipping and enjoying.

ABV is a knee-bending 10.2%, but there’s really no boozy taste in the profile.

This is easily one of the best American Quads I’ve had in a long time and will definitely be drinking it again. Extremely reasonable priced at $7 for a 750mL.

Now go out and FIND THIS BEER.

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