Sights from Hardrock 100

Listener Jack is our official URP correspondent in Silverton, Colorado right now.

He’s shared some pics and info about what’s going on the day before Hardrock 100 begins.

From the race briefing:  The course is going to be wet.  Chance of thunderstorms seems to be relatively low, but it was a wet spring and then a rapid heat up into summer = rapid snow melt.
They’re doing beta testing on SPOT trackers this year using 15 volunteers.  Not sure who they are, or how to get updates, but i suspect something will go on the website.  Otherwise, everyone else can be tracked through the website using standard ham radio system.

There was a kid’s “Hardblock” race that followed.  A run around two blocks.  Darci and Killian were honorary “pacers”.  Tim Olson’s son Tristan was the only one actively seeking out the mud puddles while all the rest went around them – I suppose that’s to be expected.

















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