Sneak Peek: Ultimate Direction Fastpack20

For those looking to push their adventures past normal distances (whatever that means to this audience), manufacturers are designing packs made to carry small sacks, poles, and a bit more gear.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 that’ll hit stores this summer.  Seems perfect for adventure runs, peak bagging, or maybe even a summer overnight.

A full review is forthcoming (by me and a buddy who’s training for UTMB and putting in some killer runs), but first thoughts:

  • Front mounted water bottles with zippers on the side that open up to accommodate larger bottles.
  • Pack has a roll top that allows for a large pocket of gear in the rear.
  • Two chest straps are very close together.  I’ll have to trail test it to see why.
  • Small clips on the back make for easy modification for different types of gear.
  • Larger pockets beneath bottle holders.
  • FIts and feels like the other Signature line packs, just with more room and more options.
  • Price will be about $150, which seems very reasonable.

Here are some pics and some video of us playing in my yard.  Sorry about the weak video editing skillz.  Click the pics to make them ginormous.









Main pouch closed.


Main pouch opened (but not cinched.)


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