Russ Trice Helps Me Prepare and Pack for the Himalayan 100

Preparing and Packing for an International Stage Race – The Himalayan 100

A few days prior to my leaving for my first international stage race (The Himalayan 100), I hopped on the phone with experienced trekker/runner/stage racer Russ Trice to get some last minute tips for my journey.  I was less interested in fitness than I was in travel, packing, weather, and adaptation.

himalayan 100

Earlier this year, Russ ran 600k across Ireland.  He’s finished Marathon des Sables and hiked Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.  His experience and advice (“redundancy for important items!”) has helped quell my nerves, while at the same time, giving me a few extra things to think about.

stage race
Russ Trice in the Grand Canyon

All and all, I’m doing fine. Russ gave me some great advice about what I’ll need during the Himalayan 100, what to expect in terms of recovery, and what things not to worry about.

I also got to ask him a lot of questions about his own adventures. Why did he run across Ireland? What did he learn on that adventure? And how was that different than his Marathon des Sables race?

Russ Trice on his Lost Coast hike.
Russ Trice on his Lost Coast hike.

Episode Notes

Here’s the race I’m running: The Himalayan 100.

Here’s Russ’ site from his Ireland run.

Here’s the Irish section of the E Trail, and here’s more on the entire three thousand mile E8 trail from Ireland to Istanbul.

And I never even got to ask him about his backpack trip along California’s Lost Coast he took with his daughter.



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