Starchy Grant Interview

Starchy Grant Post-Barkley Interview

Starchy Grant’s introduction to running is pretty funny and has some obscure parallels to the Barkley Marathons.  You’ll have to hear how he figured out he was a good runner, and what inspired him to keep going to the hell no end of the running spectrum.

Starchy Grant
Starchy Grant, pre Barkley. Pic by Joshua Mehlman

In this episode, Starchy recounts his time at Barkley this past weekend, the auspicious record he helped set, and what’ll he do differently if he’s entered in the race again.  Was the hoopla what he expected? How was it grabbing the first book?  And he got lost for how many hours???

starchy grant barkley
Starchy, Kimberly, and Brad after record breaking loop. Pic from Barkley twitter feed.

I ask him details about the race–gear, terrain, maps–and get a pretty good feeling of what it’s really like out there, but steer shy of asking too much.  This is Barkley, after all.

starchy grant
Starchy finishing Western States Endurance Run. pic by Allen Lucas.


Starchy Grant Episode Notes:

Sponsored by the Broken Arrow Skyrace.  June 18-19th at the iconic Squaw Valley Resort in
Lake Tahoe.  I’ll be the finish line announcer and hope to see you there!BAS_Logo

Follow Starchy Grant on twitter here.  Pretty funny tweets from a tech privacy perspective.

Here’s our interview with Bev and Alan Abbs from the 2012 Barkley.  Here’s our chat with Barkley finisher Nickademus Hollon, and here’s our old, old talk with  Laz.

Outro music: An Ocean In Between the Waves by The War on Drugs.


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