Steeltown Runner Interview

For those who use Twitter to get their ultramarathon and trail news, you’re likely familiar with SteeltownRunner. He adds to conversations with civil, salient, and smart commentary about some of the obscure races, records, and athletes from our sport.

Unmasked. Steeltown Runner Paul. Pic by Doug Freese.

Behind the online moniker is Paul, a guy originally from Pennsylvania who now lives in New York City, and has become obsessed–in the true student of the sport sense–with ultramarathons from past and present. In this interview, we also discuss the future: Who are the true elites of today, where are they racing, and what kind of mark are they leaving on the sport.

This is a different type of URP episode. Rather than digging into the guests’ own running, we talk primarily about Jim Walmsley, Camille Herron, Courtney Dauwalter, and a few other elite runners, as well as notable races from around the world. In short: We geek out about the top runners and put them in context.

L-R: Phil McCarthy, Nick Marshall (photo caught him by surprise), SteeltownRunner Paul, and Alan Kirik at a Ted Corbitt memorial at New York Road Runners.

Episode Notes:

Follow Paul on the Twitter here.

Want to hear the URP interview with the people we discussed?

That list of ultramarathon longevity Paul was talking about? Here it is. Set some time aside to really dig into it.

Pretty good piece on Pedestrianims from the early part of the last century.

Paul’s favorite soprano slash runner, Lisette Oropesa performs an aria from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.

Intro music used with permission from David Rosales

Outro music used with permission from AJ LeGrand

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