Steven Wiseman – Couch to 50 Miler in Nine Months

Steven Wiseman – Couch to 50 Miler in Nine Months

Prior to March of this year, Steven Wiseman wasn’t a runner at all.  He’d never owned a pair of running shoes and was overweight.  For whatever reason, Steven entered a 5k, suffered through to the finish, then a friend challenged him to run 50 miles.  That was enough for this Marine to take up the challenge and commit to the distance.

steven wiseman

Steven got a coach (Liza Howard), changed his diet, got his family on board, got some running shoes, and started training.  He still hasn’t run anything past 26.2, but he’s signed up for North Face 50 on Saturday and is excited to take on the challenge.

His hill work has mainly been on a treadmill, he has to travel out of state to get any real trails, and to this day, he’s never seen a “real” aid station.  This is going to be fun to watch!

If you see Steven on Saturday, give him a big cheer!

steven wiseman

Steven Wiseman Episode Notes


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