Stevie Kremer Interview

IMG_4449Take one part mountain woman, one part 2nd grade teacher, one part fierce trail runner, add a gigantic smile and a positive attitude, and you get Stevie Kremer.  Sarah and I had a blast talking to this ball of energy from Crested Butte, CO about a wide range of topics that bounced all over the place. Enjoy.


  • Stevie doesn’t like ultras, but prefers short, intense, and technical mountain races.  Why the hesitancy to move up in distance?
  • What her students think of her running.
  • How she trains for technical trails, and how she views her own abilities.
  • The importance of skimo in her workout regimen.
  • Why pilsners are awesome.

After the chat with Stevie, Sarah and I chat about her first 24 hour race (hint: she won it!), how she trained for it, what she thought about the experience, and whether we’ll see her competing in another timed event.

IMG_4599Episode Notes:

Here’s The Teacher video from Salomon.

Here’s the Liza Howard interview we referenced.

Outro music: Theses Are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs.


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