Stone Brewing “Enjoy by 4-1-13” Imperial IPA

stone head glass bottleWell, it looks like I’m a bit late drinking this, but let’s see how it goes!


Crystal clear orange-gold brew with a nice fluffy off-white head. Drank it out of a frosty pint glass.


This stuff smells just like really, really good pot. Not that I’d know, but it has quite a pungent stone potaroma with the unmistakeable (or so I thought) smell of cannabis.  I also picked up upfront hops, strong pine, and obvious citrus.


Whoa, big ol hop bomb. Definite upfront hops with the bitterness of the pot smell carrying through to the taste buds a wee bit. For those beer fans who like their beer hoppy hoppy hoppy, this is for you.  I prefer a more balanced, complex beer, but this will certainly satisfy half the country that’s in the throes of the hop scene.  In terms of freshness (I drank it 6 weeks past “due”), it tasted perfectly fresh to me.

stone glass bottleABV/Price

This Imperial/Double IPA is about $7 for a 22oz.  The ABV comes in at just under 10%.


Too hoppy for me, but plenty of people love this stuff.  If I were Stone (hello, Stone?), I’d market it as Stone’s Stoney Beer or something similar. The pot smell was that strong.


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