Sudwerk California Dry Hop Lager

IMG_3295If I had to name my favorite session beer from the past six months, this would be it.  Sudwerk is a local brewery with pretty decent distribution and much of the beer is in the “pretty darn good” category.  This beer is an exception.

I think of lagers as more grainy than hoppy, but this has a well-balanced citrus hops element that shows itself well.  Grapefruit, light biscuits, lemon and blended hops are all big on the tongue.

Balance is the key here.  Hardcore hopheads won’t find it strong enough, and traditional lager fans will call it a bastardization, but I love this new style and hope other brewers follow suit.

At 5% ABV and about $7 for a six pack of cans, it’s a great session beer, killer with BBQ, or one of those special beers for a weeknight.

The last time I bought some at my local specialty beer store, the guy said “dude! have you tried this!?! It’s incredible!” I just nodded and said “yeah, I know, gimme another six pack while you’re at it.”

Definitely recommended.

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