Team RWB Podcasts – Ford Smith and Roy Pirrung

What I love about this sport is the variety of activities and people it encompasses.  This episode features two wildly different runners who offer compelling advice and fun stories.

Small group of us on the last day at camp.
Small group of us on the last day at camp. Photo by Tehra Wieck

Ford Smith, an 18yo ultra phenom from Austin (who I’ve interviewed before here), specializes in tough and dirty 100 mile trail runs, while Roy Pirrung, a young 66 years old from Wisconsin, has run about every race in existence and most recently competed in the Six Days in the Dome in Alaska.  Both are ultra runners, and both gave their time to mentor active military, veterans, and paid campers at this weekend’s Team RWB in Texas.

Where's Waldo?
Where’s Waldo?

[Sorry for the stereo recording of the guests. I traveled with a mobile studio that I wasn’t as familiar with as I should have been.  I’ve tried to split the tracks, but it turns out I’m a better runner and host than I’m an audio technician, so you’ll have to accept my apologies.]

Episode Notes:

Sponsored by: Territory Run Company 

Team RWB Trail Running Camp

Roy’s website

Outro Music: Something About Us by Daft Punk


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