The Bruery “Jardinier Belgian Pale Ale” Review

I’ll admit to being partial to The Bruery. A lot.  They’ve put out some incredible beers in the last few years (Mischief, Saison Rue, Rueze, and Tart of Darkness stand out) and my expectations are quite high.  Those are all incredible representations of some great styles and should not be missed.  This beer, however, tells a different story.


Nice light and dirty copper color with a snow white sparkly head.


Smells like spices and citrus with some spring flowers.  Smells good, but not a lot like a traditional pale. Hmmm.


Taste is good. Nothing complex or deep, but a familiar farmhousey taste hits the tongue that is reminscent of a light saison. I’d say “decent.”

Mouthfeel falls short and is pretty weak.


Style: Belgian style pale ale

4.9% ABV

Seven bucks

Here’s the page.


For a brewery that’s put out such impressive ales, this was a bit of a disappointment. The good news? It was only seven bucks.  The lack of any real depth or mouthfeel make it a lackluster release from a brewhouse that has done much better.


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