The Imperial Texan

The Imperial TexanWhen they say big things come from Texas, the folks over at Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, TX put this way of live in a generous 16 oz can in the form of a Double Red Ale. Everything about this beer is big, but despite its size it is evenly balanced with hops, bitterness, pine and citrus. Amber-orange in color, it passed the ” I can’t see light through the beer” test. The foam was off-white. From the pour you can tell its going to be a highly enjoyable beer. Big in flavor, so drink this one last if you are drinking a variety of beers. I rarely find a red that is so hoppy, too bad I’ll have to drive from California to Texas to get one. *Side note – My wife enveloped the very last of what was left. Looks like a visit to Fort Worth is in order.

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