The “oops I screwed up” Canyons 100k giveaway

1416370478As I was “modifying” my race schedule earlier this year, I forgot to get rid of my comp entry to The Canyons 100k next weekend.  D’oh! We can’t let a good race entry go to waste!

But hey, you can benefit!

So who’s crazy to take on a challenging 100k on a brutal course (but with great weather!), with elite runners, on a weeks notice?!?


An entry into the 100k Canyons race. Not the 50k…you gotta go all the way!  And hey, I’ll throw a couple of extra beers in the cooler for you at the finish. (I’ll be up there with the URP Golden Shower.)


Foresthill, CA, in the notorious “Canyons” section of the legendary Western States Endurance Run​ course.


Sat, May 2


Rob Krar, Magda Boulet, Ryan Ghelfi, YiOu Wang, Lon Freeman, a hundred other tough runners, and maybe YOU.


Email me right here for more info and let me know why you’re crazy enough for this. I’ll choose my favorite entry and announce a winner in 24 hours.

UPDATE: Winners!

I was able to squeeze another entry out of the RDs and it looks like Nick Capraro and Rudy Rutemiller are crazy enough to enter this tough 100k with a weeks notice! Congratulations fellas!


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