TheNorthFace Endurance Championship Preview Show – Mike Wardian, Ryan Ghelfi, Tim Tollefson

To highlight the depth and diversity of this field, here are three more guys all with legitimate chances of standing on the podium, all with drastically different backgrounds.


Mike Wardian’s been running ultras for a long time and has raced in the Headlands with some frequency.  He also just raced the World 100k championships last week, and has three races in between now and December 6. TNF will be his 50th race this year. That’s Mike for ya.

Ryan Ghelfi has used his experience and had a solid year of ultras with strong finishes at Chuckanut, Sonoma, Waldo, and Run Rabbit Run. This will be his third time at this race.

Then there’s Tim Tollefson, who’s run a total of two ultras–both 50ks–and has never run longer than three and a half hours.  What he’s run he’s won, he’s got great leg speed on the trails, and most of all, he’s anxious and excited to win.

Seems to be the theme of this race…it’s gonna be fast!


Episode Notes:

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Here’s Ryan’s post about team competitions and here’s mine.

Outro music: Rock n Roll part 2 by Gary Glitter

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