TheNorthFace Endurance Championship Preview – Stephanie Howe, Megan Kimmel, Sally McRae

Just as the diverse as the mens field, the elite women that’ll be lining up on Saturday bring a variety of skill sets to the race.  These three women have a lot of talent, and any or all of them may be standing on the podium this weekend.


Stephanie Howe has had quite a year, finishing second at a competitive Lake Sonoma 50 miler, winning Western States, and getting married.  Last time she ran this race was in 2012 with a second place, and she’s anxious to improve her spot by one this time.

Megan Kimmel specializes in mid-distance mountain running, and though she’s in great physical shape, she has had some distractions in her life that have prevented her from focusing on this race. She was tenth here in 2013, but according to Dakota, she’s one to watch this year.

Sally McRae was second at Sean O’Brien 50 and sixth at Lake Sonoma 50, courses that are both runnable and have fast sections similar to this.  After an exciting tenth at this year’s Western States, Sally says she’s in great shape and ready to throw down, and her kids and husband will be a the race cheering her on.

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