Thoughts from this weekend

  1. One 13 oz bottle is not enough for a 50 miler with aid stations spread 7 miles apart.
  2. Race Directors take note: You don’t need a friggin balloon arch and loud music to have a successful event. Tone it down a bit. John had a megaphone and a killer course and that’s all.
  3. If you’re running with someone who came in third in their age group at Boston Marathon, slow the hell down.
  4. Jesse Barragan is a stud. He slowed down at mile 48 with a cramp, and next thing he knew he was woken up by Denise Bourassa (who happens to be a nurse.)  Dude passed out standing up, and was lying in the dirt when she found him. He still finished the race in just over 9 hours.
  5. Those Ultraspire cups are really, really lame. They smelled like new garden hose, the aid station volunteers were complaining about them, and I didn’t see anyone using them.  I overheard one runner say “can’t we find another way to help out the environment?”
  6. Remodeling the garage does not count as tapering.
  7. I’m very impressed with the Scott T2 Kinabalu shoes. They were perfect for that race.
  8. This was the second time I’ve had major dehydration (dark brown pee) and it really screws me up. Gotta get better at that.
  9. If your wife and/or kids are sick the day before a race, leave them at home.
  10. I finished 45 minutes past my “A” goal, but now I’ve got Mt Diablo next weekend to make it up. Sorry, legs.

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