Thurs, Aug 23

Video of Nick Symonds training for the Beer Mile.  And he broke it!

And in case you missed it, we’re nominating this guy to the URP Hall of Fame.  Anyone have contact info? Sounds like an interview that needs to happen!

Jacob Rydman‘s Waldo race report.

Hmm. Interesting. Taiwan adds people from different groups to a 12 member “advisory board” to steer the country.  They just added an ultramarathoner.

That FKT in the Teton’s Kilian just set? Yeah, it just got beat.

As our sport gears up for a big $10k purse at NF50, Johan Blake is insulted at a $40k offer to run for 10 seconds.

This 90 year old set a record in the half marathon.

Killian gave his Pikes Peak trophy away. Cool.

Wyatt goes through some self reflection after a tough Leadville DNF.


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