Thurs, Aug 30

Here’s UTMB TV in English. Iron Mike Wardian has a stress fracture in his pelvis (ouch) so he won’t be starting UTMB or UROC.  Other facts to know:
Distance: 168km with 9,600m elevation gain.  Participants: 2,500 from 73 countries.  The weather sucks again.

Doping tests hurting South African ultras.

Here’s the start to the JFK50k in 2010.

Debunking the hunter-gatherer workout.

Wanna go on a cruise to Southern Australia with Marshall Ulrich?

Awesome: What do you do when your body says “Bugger this for a game of soldiers, let’s stop running right now and have a jolly good lie down.” Suck it up.

Karl’s picks for Wasatch.

Speaking of Karl, this video has nothing to do with running, but it reminded me of his winter luge run he builds and I think it’s super cool.

My hunt for a new trail shoe took some strange turns, then ended up back where I started. Here’s my story.

Q&A with Meb.


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