Thurs, Aug 9

New ultra/trail movie Crushing Hope preview! With cameos by quite a few URP guests.

What’s the secret to running and recovery now? Beet juice and tart cherry juice. Huh? Apparently there’s science behind it.

Details are still coming in, but ultrarunner/adventure racer MIchael Konda (ne Popov) died unexpectedly in Death Valley two days ago.

Being an excellentist rather than a perfectionist when it comes to running.

Anyone ever done this event? The description intrigues me.

How to improve when you’re injured.

Have you checked out realendurance recently?  I’m geeking out on the race calendar right now.

Phelps shouldn’t retire.

Well this can’t be good news for Tough Mudder: Apparently the mud wasn’t all mud.


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