Thurs, Dec 27

Did you see the new calendar from Ultrarunning magazine? It’s awesome!


Ever wonder what specific workouts the pros do? Shorter distance runners, but not wimpy workouts!


If you’ve taken a coupla days off during the holidays, here’s how your body is reacting to not running.


This guy runs early in the morning for a reason, and with a purpose.


Can running help you stay dry in the rain? Who the f#*@ expects to stay dry in the rain?


Here’s a hundo in Florida that seems to traverse every imaginable surface, yes, including the longest concrete fishing pier in the state.


Jean Pommier’s belated review of Marshall Ulrich‘s Running on Empty.


Whenever I think it’s cold here, I read Jill’s blog. Her last entry was for a run in -40 degree weather.


Good news for the Launch, but the article says nothing about the Green Silence?!? That’s my favorite road shoe of all time!


Jez Bragg is still running the length of New Zealand. Covered 49k yesterday, er today, wait…Thursday…but 20k didn’t count for whatever reason.


Another story about a runner’s fight with substance abuse.


URP Endurance Team members Jesse Barragan and Ken McKee are circumnavigating Folsom Lake today on what should be a beautiful day.  65 miles of trails including parts of WS100, Way Too Cool, and American River 50.  Good luck, fellas!






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