Thurs, Dec 6

Does backwards running take miles off your weekly total?


Why is it that I can run for 12 hours, but can’t jump rope for more than 2 minutes? No link, just an observation.


Great piece by Ian Torrence on JFK50.


Dom Grossman’s TNF50 race report.


If you were intrigued by our podcast with Sarah Lavender Smith, here’s her full report on the Grand to Grand Ultra stage race that’s running in Trail Runner Magazine.


Hardee’s introduces shame curtains for customers to dine behind. Funny as always.


Jez Bragg will be running (and kayaking!) across both beautiful NZ islands for a total of 3,000 km in under 40 days. Definitely check out this infographic for more details.


Here’s a 50 miler and a marathon at an AFB near Colorado Springs. 50 miler finishers get a flight patch (cool!), and there’s an option for the marathoners to run with boots, uniform, and a 35 military ruck sack. Yikes.


A cyclist? Banned for testing positive for PEDs? You don’t say!


This sounds the best running store in the world.


Scott Dunlap gives an incredible presentation on why we do this.  What a great ambassador for our sport.


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