Thurs, July 12

Max King posted this about his attempt yesterday: Well, not going to make it. Finished 90% of Adams solo but turned around for safety. It is doable though. Great adventure non-the-less. Two mtns better than non.

I’d be interested to see the final results of this study.

It was 105 in Sacramento yesterday, and the rest of the country is experiencing some crazy heat, too.  Turn the dial up another dozen degrees, then you’ve got some idea how crazy Badwater is.

If you still haven’t figured it out, here are some pointers to running in the heat.

Here’s some video footage of Leor Pantilat and Gary Gellin’s awesome Lost Coast run. Wow!  And here’s a video and trail(?) pics of Leor’s recent jaunt into the High Sierra.

Here’s a new Apple app that syncs all your running related podcasts.  It’s free, but reviews seem sketchy.

They call it Ugali, I call it polenta.

Here we go again…is ultrarunning too much of a good thing? Hey Mister Doctor, go to Wal Mart and look around. Then come to a race and see who’s better off.

…and more of a European perspective from a first timer.



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