Thurs, July 26

Good read: A day in the life of an elite ultrarunner.

Wow, it’s been a month since Western States, and already we’ve had Badwater and Hardrock. This summer is FLYING.

URP friend Tim Casagrande’s TRT DNF report.

Plea for help: We’d like to talk to Anna Frost, but are having a tough time getting in touch with her.  If anyone can connect us, there’s a 6 pack (and hopefully a compelling interview) in it for ya.  Email [email protected].  Thanks!

Did you see our new contest? Win a free entry to Inside Trail’s Santa Cruz trail run! Check it out on our Facebook page.

Ever wonder what the elites eat?

Buying running shoes might require patience.

How lactic acid really works.

Is it possible to eat too many fruits and vegetables? “Give me a whole watermelon, and I’m ready to ROCK!” says the Fruitarian.

…meanwhile, some Olympic athletes need to gorge.

More foody stuff: Seasonal produce and why you should buy it.  How about it tastes better.

Oooohhhh…Apparently, Pike’s Peak is offering up some real cashola this year.

Speedgoat 50k is this weekend, and it’s gonna be a doozy. Is there an entrants list anywhere? I’ve seen some crazy names listed, but never anything official.

This dude is going for it.


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