Thurs, June 21

Some really cool old black and white pics from the Olympics of yesteryear.

An Aussie reviews Jurek’s book. Is he pissed there’s no mention of Vegemite?

That’s Why I Run.

How to be an ultra pacer, part 2.

Mr. Roes handicaps Western States.

Speaking of WS, there’ll be no URP Daily News tomorrow. Scotty and I will be up in Squaw.

Are any other endurance athletes anemic?

The future of ultra running, by Jason Robillard.

We’ve heard about the fires in Colorado, but here are some¬†great (wrong word?) pics of the devastation taken from a trail runner.

Victory Sport Design drop bag

If you haven’t checked out Victor Ballesteros’ line of custom drop bags, check them out here.

Liza Howard endures a photo shoot and gears up for this weekend at Squaw. You’ve heard our podcast with she and Hal, right?

You're awfully quiet back there. Anything to say?