Thurs, June 28

What runners can learn from cheetahs.

Pretty obvious, but here’s how to run an aid station at an ultra.  Remember Rocket’s advice, too. Lie to the runners if need be.

Jason Robillard examines the motivations for running.

A series of unfortunate events before a small jaunt through the Dolomites.

George Zack has got some good pics of the Colorado fire.  It’s horrible and tragic, but let’s also remember how much forests–specifically coniferous forests–depend on fire.

Nick Symonds is awesome.  Ahhhh, then there’s the little guy’s ability to CRUSH a finish.

Did you smell that?

A scientific approach to how often you need to replace running shoes. Rubbish. Replace them when they literally fall apart.

More amazing photography from Leor Pantilat.

Sad: Using the Tarahumara as drug runners.

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