Thurs, May 24

Big article in WaPo about ultrarunning.

This 73 yo old woman just summited Everest again, breaking her own record.

Max King at Zegama, photo by Jordi Saragossa

It’s just a FB page, but this guy has some great pictures from Zegama.

Max King is going back to the drawing board.

How much do genes determine success?

Beer news: Pliny the Younger officially the Worlds Greatest Beer. I’ve had only a small glass and I liked it a lot (but after a 2 hour wait), so I think I’ll stick with PTY’s “dad” Pliny the Elder as my favorite.

The UK Fell Runners Association requires a “windproof whole body cover” during races. I wonder how long it’ll be until we start getting rules over here?

Welcome back to the track.  Track word sucks, but every agrees, it helps out BIG TIME.

Going old school in NorCal.

OK, get past the fact that this person is a witch, and it’s a great article about instilling a love of nature in kids.


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