Thurs, Nov 15

Footfeathers is getting ready to write “How to be an Ultrarunner.” Stay tuned.

Here’s the teaser for Charlie Engle’s interview on Rock Center. We’ll release our interview with him following the show.

Oxfam Trailwalker is this weekend in Hong Kong. Here’s a brief interview from the boys at Ultra168 with the North Face team and here is team Blister Sisters with Kami Semick and Claire Price.

Wanna geek out on JFK50 results dating back to 19-damn-63? Just a gentle reminder that WS is not the “oldest and biggest ultra” in the US.

So what exactly does that race fee get you?

Ultrarunning in Gotham.

Cool video: The Everest experience in 14 minutes.

Out of the tawdriness of the Patraeus scandal, who knew he and his mistress were so damn fast?




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