Thurs, Nov 29

Video: Want to see what an ultra situated in a park in Sweden looks like?

and here’s another video of some guys in France (?) on some sweet trails.

We can always depend on the Japanese to make some very strange inventions.

Here’s a new twist on ultras and endurance events: This wierd Danish guy likes to get really fat before competing.  No, I mean, really fat.

Do I need to explain to my fellow gentlemen why this would be a very, very poor decision for racing strategy?

Time in the wild restores your spirit.

Can we get over the Kinesio-tape trend now? I guess I see it more in shorter distance folks.

Hmmm, a whole new way to buy lottery tickets for entries.  Interesting, and for a good cause.

I’ve never been to Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, but this guy has hiked up it three times a day, six days a week for 37 years. Now he’s done, and listener Kara was there to see it.

Some of their stuff can be a bit…loud…but the new racing top Jimmy Dean Freeman is sporting from Ink-n-Burn is pretty sweet!

Timmy Olsen: Listen to your damn body.

Based on yesterdays Southern Oz pics, listener Ethan sent some more pics of Tasmania with a heads up to this 82k race through the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness. Yes, please, just as long as I don’t have to touch Foster’s.  Ack.

If you remember the insane suicidal ridge trail MTV video we posted a coupla weeks ago, it’s going to get better, as NBC is going to air more of it on Dec 8. Check it out (original video included.)


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