Thurs, Nov 8

Have you ever seen a pack like this?

Want to get a taste of trail running in the Dolomites? Here’s a great report (with pics) from a guy living there.

Must Read: Amby Burfoot’s Simple Secretes to a Lifetime of Running.

The 2013 Ultra Lottery season fires up.

Nighttime running/riding advice. Take it or leave it. I leave most of it.

Science: Does music help you run faster?

In our Jacob Rydman podcast, he mentioned the Ninkasi Brewery, and I said I was sure a past guest had mentioned it as well. It bugged the heck out of me until yesterday when I got a message from listener Chrissy who let me know is was Jenn Shelton talking about Tricerahops from Ninkasi.
I slept well last night.

Video: Scott Jurek and Cookie Monster at TED.

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