Thurs, Oct 11

Doc stops mid race to save a fellow runner.

URP hero Ed Whitlock is going for another record, but he says he’s not in shape. Suuuuure.

Want win a cool DVD on staying injury free? Check out this giveaway–but act on it soon. It ends at midnight.

Here’s an inspiring guy who’s got a prosthetic foot but isn’t feeling sorry for himself.

Ahh, for someone who’s been anti-Lance for a long time, yesterday was a day of vindication.  Here’s a live blog of the report it its entirety.  And now Levi’s talking more too.

Dakota bags another win, this time in Japan.

I’m starting to review beer on this page.  Nothing fancy, and you won’t find thoroughly complex Beer Advocate reviews about the intricacies of brewing. Just me scribbling down some notes on the beers I drink. Cheers

Nice little interview with Portland runner Jason Leman.

I dare this bear to show up at a trail race.  Something tells me navigating a technical course in a bear costume would be far more difficult than expected.

How to strengthen and heal the Achilles. This is the first time I’ve been injured in yeeeaaars and it’s awful.


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