Thurs, Oct 25

Yikes. 2 months until Christmas.

More incredible pictures from Leor Pantilat on his recent return to the Sabrina Basin high in the Seirra.

Follow Richard Bowles’ Spot Tracker as he makes his way around an epic run in Australia.

I’m fascinated by the Placebo response, and the Sweat Science Guy explains some of the science.

Well, this is one way to lose weight: Stop eating so dang much.

This’ll be a fun app: It picks songs based on your heart rate.

There have been 3 deaths in as many MUT* races races recently. The Ultra168 guys try to get to the bottom of it.

Ian Sharman is a bonified Run Bum.

Looks like Lance will be paying back some of the bonuses he received. Doper.

Scott Dunlap relates (f)unemployment to his running and adventure career.

The Angry Jogger defends junk miles in his typical fashion.  As always, language alert.

The ultimate guide to shin splints. I’ve never had them (knock wood), but hell, it seems that everyone does at some point.


*Mountain Ultra Trail

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