Thurs, Sep 13

Here’s a trailer for an extreme skiing movie. Looks intense.

This 101 year old Italian runner shot himself in the head because he couldn’t compete anymore.

Imperial pilsners…the perfect transition beer?

My fridge.

Speaking of beer, I visited Russian River Brewery yesterday and fell in love with Supplication…a complex light brown ale with super sour cherry notes that’s unlike anything I’ve tasted. Not for everyone, but definitely a nice break from the hop bombs permeating the craft beer scene.

Hormones, the brain, and exercise: Some questions answered while others are unearthed.

I’m sorry, this is just funny.

This guy‘s been chased by monkeys in ultras, and is now planning on doing 3,000 sun salutations around one of India’s most sacred mountains. ¬†Yeah, seems like he’d fit into our tribe.

100 miles to a better retirement.


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