Thurs, Sep 20

I can’t be the only ultrarunning foodie out there, right? For those into honest food, check out my favorite site devoted to hunting, gathering, and cooking delicious food.

Dakota opines on spending time in the Alps. Meanwhile, howabout an HD timelapse of the Alps? How badly do you want to run there right now? “I’m going running Hon, I’ll see you in a few days….”

Neal Gorman has got one tough wife.

Oktoberfest starts today. Here’s what you need to know.

Did you see our post from Tuesday about Ed Whitlock breaking another record? 1:39 for a half marathon at AGE 81.

This guy (who’s pic looks an awful lot like Dwight Schrute) lays out the truth.

The boys at Ultra168 highlight a new track ultra in Oz. I wish we had more of those stateside.

I just use lace locks, but here’s some science behind tying your shoes.

Another great video from Salomon…this time from the runners’ perspective.

OH, you wanted tough? This ultrarunner is planning a solo and unsupported round trip journey to and from the North Pole.

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