Thurs, Sep 27

Grand to Grand is getting a little better, but still shoddy coverage. What I do know is that as of a few days ago, URP friend Sarah Lavender Smith was 5th OA and first American. Go Sarah!

Awesome video from the Fifth Avenue Mile.  By my count, there were a half dozen guys under 3:55.

Bear 100 is this weekend through Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. Beautiful country and some easy picks for me.  Hal Daddy for the win and Darcy Africa for the ladies.

Top ten reasons for bailing.

A square water bottle.

Runners need to kick the alcohol habit.

Vegan musings.

The Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon named the Best Sports Event of the Year.  OK, I’ve never run it, and I’ve heard Savannah’s a lovely place, but…but…really? Best Sports Event of the Year?

Better add this marathon to my bucket list, thanks to Scott Dunlap.

Here’s a crazy awesome video of a pro alpinist summiting Trango Tower.

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