Thursday, June 7

Health benefits of running. Only question I’ve got is about sleep. When my mileage increases and I’m training hard, I sleep considerably less. Am I alone in doing that?

States is in just over two weeks. Check out the historical temperature of the race and hope that we get a good year!

Speaking of hundos, San Diego 100 is this weekend. It’s always been on my list, and for some reason, I always forget to sign up.

What makes a good coach?

If you were registered for PCTR’s Skyline to the Sea this weekend, Coastal Trail Runs will be organizing the event. Way to step up there, Wendell!

Top three reasons running is bad for you (or not.)

Can baby food fuel your next ultra?

How To Train for UTMB, with Seb Chaignieau

I didn’t realize Diane VanDeren completed her 1,000 mile jaunt across North Carolina. I am fascinated by this woman and think we might need to get her on URP to chat.


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