Tim Lambert | From the UK to Squaw Valley

Tim Lambert has had his name in the Western States lottery for six years and every year he’s come up short. He’s been to The Big Dance two times, crewing elite runner Jez Bragg and soaking up as much information and wisdom as possible.

Then in December of last year, his name was drawn for the 2019 race and Tim is stoked. He’ll finally be lining up in Squaw and doing his best to avoid the cutoffs and finish with a smile.

Tim Lambert crewing Jez Bragg (yellow) at Western States.

In this interview we talk about what he’s learned from crewing an elite runner, we talk about advice he’s gleaned from AJW, and what he learned from watching Jason Schlarb at UTMB.

We hear more about the organization in place to help foreign runners at WS100, the freedom of mandatory gear requirements in the US, as well as why he chose to run Brazos Bend 100 a few years ago.

Tim with his first 100 mile buckle.

I finish up the chat with some incredible stories from aid stations that YOU all shared via twitter and possible plans for a 50mile record attempt later this year.

Tim Lambert Episode Notes

Here’s Tim’s blog and here’s Tim’s company Rockstar Sport.

Here’s the interview with Pam Smith from her hot hot hot win at the 2013 Western States Endurance Run. If you’re running Western this year, definitely give it a listen (heat training starts at the 32:00 mark.)

Tim Lambert with Victory Sportdesign founder Victor Ballesteros

More on Tim’s relationship with Lon Lomas and why he ran Brazos Bend 100.

Yep, we’ll be keeping an eye on Beth Pascall at WS100 this year.

Want to talk more about a 50 mile attempt this year? Here’s my chat with Zach Ornelas from last month.

Intro music by David Rosales.

Outro music by Hunter Copeland. Check out his site here for more info on his music and his support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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