Tim Tollefson Interview

Notice the shoes.
Tim Tollefson Interview

Meet Tim. For those not familiar, he’s a wickedly fast 2:18 marathoner who went to Oly Trials, lives in the trail mecca of Mammoth Lakes where he loves running trails, was a steeple and XC champ in college, is friends with elite trail runners, gets better as the race gets longer…and only last week decided to enter his first trail race. And of course broke Max King’s record. Aaaaagh!

Tim Tollefson puts to rest the question of whether roadies can compete in trail ultras, and he did it with a bold exclamation point, despite getting chased down by Ryan Bak and falling on his face in the final section.

Something tells me we’re going to hear more from him soon.

Episode Notes:

Here’s his blog.

He gets twittery here.

Here’s his work info.

And yes, I’m serious about the Brooks Green Silence bounty. Email me if you’ve got any.

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