Tim Tollefson Transgrancanaria Interview

Tim Tollefson – Transgrancanaria Sufferfest Interview

Fighting an injury and against his wife’s judgement, Tim Tollefson headed to the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco for a monster race called Transgrancanaria.  How’d it go? How would he perform on the notorious technical trails while virtually all of his training block had been focused on the flat and fast Olympic Trial Marathons three weeks prior?

Tim Tollefson Transgrancanaria

In this interview, Tim shares his preparation for the race, what the islands are like culturally, and how the race panned out for him.  For someone who loves technical trail running, Tim had to endure hours upon hours of slow hiking to stay upright, his fitness level enduring, but his body shutting down.

With a devil on one shoulder telling him to jump off a cliff and an angel chirping in his other ear to keep going, Tim tells a story of just how long the last 25 miles of a race can last.  Will he be back for more? (I think so!)

Tim Tollefson Transgrancanaria

Tim Tollefson Episode Notes:

Ancient RedwoodSponsored by the Ancient Redwoods Trail Festival.  May 21st in Mendocino County, check it out!

Here’s a gallery of pics from Transgrancanaria and here’s the race website.

Here’s a review of trekking poles Ethan did last summer.  Tim made a pretty good sales pitch for using them, eh?

Here’s Billy Yang’s Mont Blanc-CCC movie.

Here’s The Black Seeds’ website.

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