Timothy Olson and Mid Career Optimism

Timothy Olson on the trails. Pic by Jaybird.

It’d be easy to look at Timothy Olson’s career and focus on the past. He’s got some big wins (current course record at Western States Endurance Run, anyone?), plenty of highlights, and has run at the top of the field for years, but I wanted to have Tim on to talk about what’s going on now and what sort of plans he has for the future.

What I found is some squeezing the most out of life. He’s traveling the world with his family, living for months at a time in exotic locations with nearby trails, training and teaching locals, racing, and putting on retreats that extol his mindful approach to life and trail running. Amidst all the activity is his love for the trails and for competition, a real passion to give it his all.

Timothy Olson and sons Kai (in arms) and Tristan at finish of Penyagolosa in Spain. Pic courtesy Penyagolosa Ultra.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What he thought of the competition at the recent North Face Championships.
  • How he’s transitioned from running for fun to running as a career and how his family fits into that equation.
  • Overtraining and how to avoid it.
  • What’s on his calendar for 2018 both internationally and domestically.
  • The state of our sport and what it may look like in a few years.
  • The realities of reality shows and why he can never see TV the same again.
Pic courtesy Emma Hussey.

Tim Olson Episode Notes

Tim mentioned he’d been to a Brother Ali show recently. Here’s more. Strong message.

Tim’s 2012 URP interview

Tim’s 2016 URP interview

Here’s more on Tim and Krista’s Run Mindful Retreats.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

Cover image courtesy Emma Hussey.

Olson clan on the beach. Pic courtesy Emma Hussey.


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