To skirt or not to skirt?

Corsa Running Skirt by ISIS for Women

Prior to being asked to review a running skirt (Scotty and Eric simply refused to do it), I didn’t have a strong opinion on the heated skirt/anti-skirt debate; it was my very first experience trying one on.  I was open-minded to trying it out and I am so glad I did.

photo (4) The skirt I tried is the ISIS Corsa Skirt, made by ISIS for Women, in the color black. I wore a size medium.

When selecting long-distance running clothing, I look for three key criteria: comfortable fit, light-weight feel, and simplicity in design.  This running skirt meets all three of these criteria.

The spandex shorts underneath the skirt provide a comfortable fit, allowing ease of movement with running.  The inseam of the shorts is 5 inches, providing good coverage, and the material is a high quality and light-weight as well as form-fitting.  The skirt piece, which covers the spandex shorts underneath, is also light-weight as well as aesthetically pleasing, allowing for a little modesty.  It provides an extra element of fashion yet is still simple in

Another appeal to this running wear is that it has a small pocket in the inside front, which can hold a key or something of similar size.  This is a great feature; however a back pocket with a zipper would add even more appeal to the design.

The look and fit of the Corsa running skirt is perfect for spring and summer weather, and it held up well with activity.  I first wore this running skirt during a tempo run.  I did not experience any chaffing or need to adjust the fit during the workout.  It also worked well on a long-distance run and I look forward to continuing to wear it during my summer long-runs.

photo (1)Another plus relates to how easy it is to care for the garment.

This running skirt can be easily washed and dried with no change in quality as it is made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.

I highly recommend this as an addition to any spring/summer running wardrobe, and retailed at $59, it is a bargain.

Full disclosure: This skirt was provided to URP guest reviewer Janis Cannon with no expectations for a positive review.











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