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Torsten Heycke is an endurance athlete who’s participated and competed in a panoply of outdoor sports. From ultramarathons like UTMB-CCC and Western States to field hockey, surfing, MTB racing, tennis, XC ski racing and triathlon, today, Torsten and I drill down and discuss our joined passion for paddle sports.

Torsten Heycke paddling

He and I both competed in a paddle race last month in Northern California, me in the 25 mile race on stand up paddleboard, he in the 100 mile race on a Surfski. (Torsten won his event.)

In this interview, we talk about paddling and discuss the similarities and differences between it and trail running. We talk about gear, “terrain”, the overall scene, and where to find good races. If you’ve thought about taking your SUP past the point of casual paddling, this is the episode for you.

Additionally, Torsten lives in Ashland (Southern Oregon) with his wife where he’s a member of a group looking to put Ashland back on the map for outdoor endurance sports. Since it’s heyday (hello Rogue Valley Runners?!?) a decade ago, Ashland has unfortunately seen its share of catastrophic fires that dealt a big blow to its running and tourism industry. We talk about races coming up and why you should consider Southern Oregon as a destination for your adventures.

Torsten Heycke

Finally….Torsten Heycke is a bit of a mapping geek and we talk about how he came to design the official maps for Western States and he answers a few of my gripes/questions about Strava.

Paddlers’ equivalent of a black toenail.

Torsten Heycke Episode Notes:

Paddling Resources:

Paddleguru is the paddler’s version of Ultrasignup. Nowhere near as comprehensive, but it’s the best I can find.

California River Quest is the race Torsten and I competed in.

The 22nd Annual, 440 mile Yukon River Quest starts this week n Northern Canada.

Torsten Heycke’s depiction of the importance of blade angle.

Ashland Resources:

Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association

Mt Ashland HillClimb

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon (Nov 21)

2021 Pine to Palm 100

Ashland Trail Finder Map (very cool!)

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